Saturday, May 4, 2013

Playing Games: Twilight Princess

Yesterday I finally beat Twilight Princess!  I think Vince bought me this game about three years ago and I finally got around to playing it.  Although I thought the fighting was quite a bit simpler than Skyward Sword, I really enjoyed the puzzle nature of the game.

One of my favorite themes in the game is the music when you're in the bomb shop in Kakariko.  I love the Caribbean sound with the steal drums!  I'm not sure why the shops would play music like this, but it makes me feel like I'm on vacation!

Easily my favorite music in the game is Hyrule Castle's theme right at the end.  This music is a blend of the Hyrule Castle theme from A Link to the Past (:12-:40) and Ganon's Theme from A Link to the Past (:24-:36).  The Twilight Princess Hyrule Castle music is changed slightly from the Link to the Past music so that instead of going down at the end of the phrases, it goes up (octave displacement).  This almost seems to me to foreshadow what the composers would do with Zelda's Lullaby as they inverted it for the Skyward Sword Theme.  We've had our ears prepared for this music earlier in the Twilight Princess as this music sneaks in to some cutscenes as well.

There are a lot of Zelda-isms snuck into the music of this game-- enough for a person to write a dissertation about-- if it were possible to get a doctorate in game music!

Final thought:  The soundtrack to this game is roughly three and a half hours.  It took me just over sixty hours to beat the game-- and there are still a few heart containers I could get.  That's roughly a 1 to 15 ratio of music to game play-- and much of the music is for cutscenes that might only be heard once.  I never found the music repetitive or irritating, but I'm really surprised at how little music there is for the gameplay time.  Ratio of play time to amount of music is something I'm wanting to investigate further...