Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Gaming Audio History: Jordan vs Bird (1989)

Here's one of the sports games I played a lot as a kid.  Michael Jordan was huge at the end of the 80s and this game gave the chance to play as him!  Or Larry Bird, who I didn't know before buying this game.  This was an ideal cartridge for our household because you could practice alone or play against someone else, so this meant I could play by myself or with my brother.  I haven't thought much about the music in years, which is very repetitive and there's not a lot of it!  Some screens, like the menu screen, are silent!

Rob Hubbard created the music, which varies by activity.  Despite a rather impressive list of game audio around the peak of my childhood gaming, I think this is the only game I played where he created the music.  I wonder how it compares with other games he did?  The music here is pretty straightforward.  I like the music, I'm just surprised by the amount of it!  There's just over 4 minutes of music in the game musically speaking, but as you can see, many sections of the music are repeated.  Some repeated sections might have a voice added to them or be modulated.  I'm thinking with so much repetition, resources in this game were really crunched and there wasn't a lot of space available for music.  Nevertheless, it's a game I played a lot and one whose sounds/music I immediately remember!

Here's a link to the soundtrack with my usual breakdown of the tracks.

-Title screen: F major.  40 sec.  Intro A(10) A' B C(10) Bluesy (I-IV motion (A' is in IV), lots of scale degree b7).  Variations over bass.
-One-on-One: E minor.  60 sec.  Intro2 A- A' A''(10) B(10) C C.  i-bVI-bVII motion.  Also moves to the relative major in B section.  C section B minor.
-Slam Dunk Contest: A minor.  46 sec.  A(10) A A B B' B'.   Uses i-bVI-bVII motion.  Moves to the relative major in B section.
-3-Point Contest: A minor.  74 sec.  A A' B(10) B'(6) C B(10) B'(6) C D(2). i-bVII-v-bVI.  Moves to iv in B.  Moves to bII in C.  Loop ends in D minor.
-Stats: Bb major.  17 sec.  A A B B'.  Moves between compound and duple meters.
-Victory: Bb major. 3 sec.
-Credits: Ab major. 8 sec.

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