Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Video Game Music: Live Performances

I recently saw the video below of Tina Guo playing a medley of Final Fantasy VII pieces.  This is part of her album Game On! which has recently released on Sony.  There are links saying that she'll tour in performances of this this year, but on her website there aren't any tour dates listed.  Other game music fans may know videos that Tina made of The Legend of Zelda (the one I've seen before) or a massively popular Skyrim video she made with nearly 4 million views as of writing.  I didn't know this particular arrangement, but all my readers know I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII and its music.  The production value with this video is really impressive and probably my favorite visual part is when she plays in the train station in an homage to the Midgar train system.  I love how much attention video game music covers are getting these days and the complexity of their production.  Check it out.

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