Sunday, August 19, 2012

Live Performances: Koji Kondo plays Super Mario

This is the introduction of a new label on the blog, Live Performances.  Entries under the "Live Performance" heading will have performing musicians playing game music.

Following some footnotes from that Wikipedia link I just posted, I found a couple awesome videos of Koji Kondo playing his own Mario music on the piano.  Most applicable to my last post is this first video where he plays themes from Super Mario Bros.

My friends and I have made our own live versions of these songs for years, but when you hear the composer do it himself, it's different somehow.  For me, it brings him out of the shadows and puts more focus for me on him and his creation process-- sitting at the piano and creating these themes all those years ago.   

Here's one more link to a longer performance where Kondo plays even more Mario themes. 

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