Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Game Music Technology: NES 5 Channels.

One area of study I'm coming up against that I've got little knowledge about is the technical aspects of how these early game composers created sounds.  What were the technological specifications of the time and how did they sculpt the aural experience?  If you consider the aural experience of a video game, it's always defined by the audio capabilities of the player's space-- are we in a surround sound home entertainment setup or on a mobile phone on speaker in a noisy subway station?  

Tonight, I've stumbled upon a video that puts into aural perspective something I've been reading about in Collin's book, Game Sound.  This video explains the various channels of the NES sound.  Love the variation of themes and such great selections to highlight the various sounds of the NES.  I'm particularly interested in videos like this that offer connections between contemporary technologies and their respective sounds.  Do you know of other similar videos?  Share the links-- I want to see them!

This video also has a link to a website that looks awesome and I want to explore more, Retro Game Audio.

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