Saturday, March 23, 2013

Game Music Online: Gametrailers Pop Fiction Fire Temple Music Video

Again, another blog inspired by my partner, Vince, who's in the country for the next few months before he returns to his European opera singing gigs.  He's very into games as well, so while he's here, he inspires me to investigate new avenues of information.

Yesterday, he played me several of the GameTrailers Pop Fiction videos, I've seen a couple of these before, but remember that they mostly focus on glitches and programming inquires.  What was super cool was to find this one that focuses on music, specifically the chanting background music during Ocarina of Time's Fire Temple.  I hadn't heard about this change before but I really appreciate the level of investigation that's done to game audio here.

The idea of sound effects being used for other games is one that's been on my mind since I saw a tv commercial recently that used the Final Fantasy 6/ Chrono Trigger wind sound as the background effect of the commercial.  (Update: Thanks to a comment below from Kevin, here's a link to the Walsh college commercial.) Interesting that a non-melodic sound effect can become so iconic: of course, the Super Mario 1-Up sound is iconic, but the sound of wind being ingrained in memory?  Well, it is in mine!  The GameTrailers video describes this chanting being used in several different games, each offensive to Muslims and needing to be changed, so reusing sound effects is probably a much more common happening than I know of at this time.  

Do you know of games that re-use sound effects?  If so, leave me a note in the comment section as this is something I want to investigate more.  


  1. A few months ago, I actually said something on facebook about the wind sound effect for a college advertisement sounding eerily similar to the wind from FF6. Gotta imagine we are talking about the same commercial!

  2. Yeah... Still wishing I could remember what the commercial was and link to it. All I can remember was that it had an orange background...

  3. Walsh College. I see it all the time!

  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Two minds are better than one! I've been looking for this for months. Also, I need to either check the colors on my TV or never be an eye witness for any event as I clearly have color mis-memory.