Sunday, May 26, 2013

Surveying Literature: Powering Up: are computer games changing our lives?

I've literally been thumbing through books on the shelf recently for any references to game audio or game music.  I'm really trying to get my mind wrapped around what's printed and who's researching this stuff.  It seems like the last few years have literally been an explosion into the field, which makes me thrilled to be investigating this at such an exciting time.

Here's a case in point of the minutiae I'm thrilled to be finding!  In Rebecca Mileham's book, Powering Up: are computer games changing our lives, there's a very brief section on pages 293-294 where Mileham points to some research by Gianna Cassidy on how music is integral to player's gaming experience.  Several interesting statistics, for instance: while playing Project Gotham, players performed better and had the most enjoyment when they were able to select and listen to music of their choice.  How cool!  I'm going to check out more about Gianna and her research!  Turns out she's a singer/songwriter as well as a teacher about video games.  From one performer to another, check her out in a duet here:

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