Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Tomorrow starts my Game Music Course!

Well, I JUST finished my game music lecture.  It ROCKS!  Not usually a procrastinator, but I was up against two problems: 
1- I've been taking in as much data as possible before creating the course.   
2- I also ditched one of two textbooks in another course and had to create my own workbook to make up for it.  Had never done that before, and didn't know what was involved.  Made an incredible workbook, but that was days of solid work from waking to sleeping.  

Anyway, sorry to have been away for a few days, but the semester has kicked in.  I just did a massive amount of work, but September looks to be a very busy month.  I'll definitely update on the weekends and will probably drop in some ideas that arise in my game music class in short entries as well.  

Tomorrow is the first day of a dream come true-- teaching VIDEO GAME MUSIC!  Here we go!

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