Friday, March 14, 2014

Live Performances: Super Mario theme played on a Sheng

I saw this floating around social media a couple of weeks ago, and as I searched for it this afternoon, I notice that it's quite popular on the web-- pages and pages of hits!

The number one thing I'd like to add to the discussion is to name the player.  Almost every web hit says something like: "a young Chinese student," or "a girl" plays Super Mario Bros theme on the Sheng.  According to this video, which has had just short of 3.5 million views as of my posting today, the performer is Li-Chin Li.  As a performer, I can attest that it's definitely nice to have your name attached to a performance so many have enjoyed, rather than just "a student" or "a girl."  I have no idea how to play the Sheng, but have no doubt that this performance took a lot of time to perfect into the version that so many have enjoyed.  Congrats to Li-Chin Li!

Also, check out more about the Sheng.  I, for one, didn't even know it existed until seeing this video!  Cool sounds and fascinating instrument.

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