Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Behind the scenes: Summertime.

I know it's been forever since I've written-- half a year.  Crazy how the time flies.  I've definitely been thinking and reading about game audio.  I've even written some blog posts, but for whatever reason, haven't deemed them "ready" to be published yet.  Some of the biggest game audio events for me in the last few months are that I applied for and won a grant to get some online FMOD 101 training, which I've been working on recently.  FMOD is a program that allows sound to be imbedded interactively in game audio environments.  Diablo III, BioShock 1 and 2, Forza 5, and World of Warcraft are just a few of the titles that have used it in recent years.  So I've been playing around with that and learning how it works.  Not only will I be able to incorporate it into my class this fall, but it also goes along with my mission to learn all I can about game audio.

I have some lofty goals this summer, one of which is to finish this FMOD training.  That's enough by itself, but I also want to get as much analysis done on the SNES games I played as possible so that I can start to incorporate that information into my course this fall as well.  I've been thinking as well about turning portions of the blog into a book and actually met someone who has an expertise in turning online materials into printed/published works... so, there are some exciting things happening for me with game audio.  Just not really showing up on the blog at this time.  What I can say is that I'll be updating more regularly for a bit before I travel for vacation and teaching in July and then I hope to really crank out some work in August before the semester starts up.

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