Thursday, May 26, 2016

Game Music Online: Neko Atsume theme by the Emblems Quintet

A friend of mine whom I played with a few times this year, Alex Hayashi, is an oboist in a new woodwind quintet, Emblems Quintet.  They're just getting their name out and started up with some new music projects and I was thrilled to see that one of the videos they first released is an arrangement of the Neko Atsume theme.  It's awesome when musicians make arrangements of game audio and play it live-- I love it!  Nothing fancy in the recording quality; looks like they just recorded a bit of a read through in a rehearsal, and yet the video is going viral on Tumblr.  I'm thinking: this video will get more views/shares than any classical video they ever post.  No slam to classical music intended-- it's just the power of game audio.  Especially online, where there's such a following for it.  Amazing that UM graduates/students are into game audio in this way.

Check it out and share with friends!

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