Friday, November 30, 2012

Analysis: Final Fantasy VII Leitmotifs

I've been experimenting with how to make a multimedia experience that is both entertaining and educational.  I've tried to create the perfect blend in this video that I'm debuting today.  Likely, I won't be able to make a ton of these, as the entire video creation process probably took me around 20 hours, not to mention playing the game to analyze the music.  (That was fun, of course, but still... have you seen In Time?)

Now, I'm beginning the long process of surveying the internet for game music analysis.  There's practically nothing "scholarly" with specific game music analysis at all.  There's a little bit of information I've found on Leitmotifs in Final Fantasy 7, for instance SWE3Tmadness has a blog with a few entries on game music.  Notably, he compares Kefka, Golbez, and Sephiroth's themes.  Otherwise, there might be a printed mention here and there, but I wanted to create a multimedia experience that incorporates gameplay video, music, and my own analysis into a complete package.