Monday, October 1, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Video Game Music Class

I've been considering developing a course for non-music majors about video game music. Weighing pace and progression through recent topics via Collins Game Sound organization and From PAC-Man to Pop Music.  Realizing what's missing from academic writings: audio. Perhaps an issue with the connection between the two mediums-- books and audio examples. Now beginning to understand the state of studies and know where I want to contribute.

Needed: an aural history of game music. Most difficult for me will be connecting the technical aspects.  Can you help me connect the aural progression with the technical?  What are your favorite websites explaining these topics?

Video Game aural aspects are quite lacking in description, specificity, players reaction to, and specific field study of interaction with the player. Thus, setting to record my reactions to various game play sessions. Currently playing FF7.

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