Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Video Game Music on Television: The Legend of Zelda Cartoon.

Anyone close to me in age who love video games will undoubtedly remember the Super Mario Bros Super Show that came on in the late 80s.  Every Friday, there was an episode of The Legend of Zelda-- which I much preferred to the live versions of the Mario Bros making dumb jokes.  I still think about this cartoon sometimes when I think of Zelda.

Last night, I re-watched a couple of episodes.  If you've not seen it before, check out episode 7, Doppelganger.  I love the German reference in the title (which in my mind, brings up the Schubert song from Schwangengesang), but even more, I love at 2:12 when Link is whistling Mario's Ground theme!  Also cool is how they incorporated the real sound effects from the game as well as making some arrangements of the themes as background music.  Ironically, they shortened Link's ground theme even more than the game does.  I loved this show so much as a kid! 

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