Thursday, April 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes: My Gaming Audio History

I'm launching a new series on the blog which I've been thinking about creating for a long time.  It'll be called My Gaming Audio History and will chronicle the game audio of games that I played growing up.  I'm really pumped and have made a huge list of games I remember playing.  I'm going to proceed through the games more or less chronologically, so that I get an understanding for the way that game audio developed over time as well as how my ear grew hearing it.  I'll also touch on the sound specifications of each console as I get to it.  Advertisements, popular music, the set up of the room... nothing is off limits for this audio discussion.  Should be a really cool project and I hope it'll help me understand how a little boy from the middle of nowhere NC got so interested in game music!

First up...  Atari's Combat.

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