Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Game Music Online: It's Dangerous to Go Alone... The Movie

Vince showed me the trailer for a new documentary online last night called It's Dangerous to Go Alone... The Movie.  This looks really good to me.  I'm exactly the same age as these guys in the film.  Game music has been a part of growing up and is a huge part of my musical life experience.  This movie just makes sense to me on so many levels.

I was just thinking recently about how important audio is in the gaming experience.  If you want to experience this for yourself, check out the above website and "Explore the Website."  This is a Zelda-like game you play in browser, but there's NO AUDIO.  It's crazy.  I had no idea if I was about to die or at full health (although, on the other hand, I didn't get nervous and make dumb mistakes because my heart monitor was bleeping!).  The lack of audio definitely made it harder for me to immerse myself in the game.  Interesting, though, that audio is highlighted as so important in the trailer!

I'd have to give up my title of video game music nerd if seeing this trailer didn't inspire me to play the game to completion to see the extra scene.  Because it's a completely musically focused scene, I'm posting you the "you win" video link as well.  Last night, I was the 18th view...  Can't wait to see this!

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