Sunday, April 21, 2013

Playing Games: The Last Story

For my birthday, Vince got me The Last Story.  I'm just a few hours into it (as I'm also trying to finish up Twilight Princess), but I really like it so far.  Trying to figure out the battle system....

Here's the cover of my copy.  If you look toward the bottom, you'll see "Music by Nobuo Uematsu."  I can't remember buying a game before where the composer of the game was so prominently a selling point of the game on the cover of the game.  I suppose there are others I've not thought about or known about, but Uematsu really made his name as a game music composer, and now he's considered so important that his music is a main selling feature for the game.  It's definitely why Vince bought it for me!

As a gamer from the 80s, I'm completely surprised by games that don't have continuous music, but that's definitely not the trend now.  So, while I wish I'd heard more music in my few hours of playing, I've got to say: I love the main theme of the game.  Just give it a listen.  The first 36 seconds are so brilliant-- so simple, so folklike, so Uematsu, shifting from minor to major, so classical in form (1st phrase, 2nd phrase repeats with ending going down, 1st phrase again, and then the B phrase with the double resolution that shifts to major), such clever instrumentation-- bringing the flute in right at the moment when it shifts from F minor to F major.   Awesome.  Looking forward to hearing more!

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