Saturday, December 21, 2013

Video Game Music Class: The end of the semester.

I'm basking today in a bit of a relaxation mode... a bit...  For the last few days I've been grading the final projects in VGM, which were amazing.  Of course, some a bit better than others, but everyone in the class submitted a final project and they were quite good.  Almost everyone fulfilled the requirement of listening and commenting on other classmates projects as well, so experiencing the art and reacting to it worked well.  I've been thinking about the class and what the students took away from it and what I took away from teaching it.  I've got my presentation on teaching the class at the NACVGM in less than a month, so I'm definitely spending some time reflecting on it all.  At this point, I'm thinking of organizing my presentation around different quotes I've pulled from student end of course reflections.  I want to show what worked well (as well as what didn't work well!).

All in all, I'd say the class was a big success and I hope to reteach the class next fall.  One of the coolest things that came out of the class was a partnership with the Engineering school.  I'm looking forward to continuing that in the future as well, and perhaps even building more interdepartmental connections.

As I narrow down the quotes I want to use for my presentation, some that don't make the cut will be posted here with some reflections as well, so I'll share some of my post-teaching knowledge here as well.  Otherwise, most of my reflective energies need to go into creating my presentation on the course.

This next year should be really exciting.  Getting training in Wwise is going to be awesome, attending game music conferences...  I've got lots coming up to look forward to.  For now, I'm trying to wrap up gift purchasing and get ready for a short trip home.  I'm going to try to blog more often during the holiday as well as the new year.  I think it should be fairly easy since my game energies won't have a course outlet next semester.  My outlet will be here!  So stay tuned and happy holidays!

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