Friday, May 2, 2014

Live Performances: Video Games Live and rePLAY

There's been a fair amount of internet buzz recently about some upcoming game music concerts.  After my recent post about the benefits and interdisciplinary possibilities of bringing Video Games Live to a college campus (particularly UM), I was really pleased to read this interview with Tommy Tallarico about Video Games Live returning to London in its 2014 European tour.  Tommy attributes part of the success of video game music to the fact that as the player you are engaging with the game firsthand.  Thus, he deduces that the music becomes "the soundtrack of your life."  Contrast that with a movie where you are a passive watcher where the music underscores someone else's life and activities.  Definitely an interesting idea that I haven't considered.  I have to say, though, I think he nails it more concretely when he says that the game music is "being pounded into your brain for hours and hours" when you play.  Since games have generally (dangerous, I know) 1-3 hours of music, if you play for 40 hours, you definitely are drinking a lot of that music.  Again, here, contrast that with a movie where the soundtrack is around an hour.  You may watch the movie 40 times-- particularly if it's Frozen and you have kids-- but likely you won't have the same degree of repetition.  

That interview with Tommy is really cool, to hear how he tries to keep ticket prices low, changes the set list depending on the audience, etc...  It gives a behind the scenes glimpse of Video Games Live.  Check it out if you're at all interested in this genre of music or live game music performances.   

I also noticed that a concert called rePLAY, which sounds similar to VGL is coming to Houston and Atlanta among other US cities.  I mention these because I have family in each, but won't be close to either city at the time.  Finally, I also just saw that an updated Final Fantasy concert is coming to Chicago among other places.  Ironically, I'm playing a concert here in town that weekend and can't travel to attend...  Regardless, I'm glad to see that video game music concerts are happening this summer and beyond.  Hope one comes close when I can attend!  

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